11 Landers – Project 11

This house is a little harder to place in architectural style. It has elements from a few different periods and some that seem made up. The front gable is of a proportion I haven’t seen before. It’s a little bit of dutch-farmhouse meets early gambrel. The gambrel breaks so high in the roofline, it reminds me of really old dutch buildings….like in the Netherlands. We’ll see what the trim details and the shadows tell us when strip the layer of asbestos shingles and then probably other layers that cover the original skin.

Update March 2015: We are well into it now.  In November, we took 11 full size construction dumpsters of debris out of the house. the lightest was 6000 lbs and the heaviest was 11000 lbs. A conservative total estimate would be 50 tons of demolition.  We (our abatement contractor) took a whole layer of a asbestos shingles off the exterior and then we stripped another layer of the ‘asphalt shingles that look like red brick’ that was so popular with our grandparents. The house is coming back to its original form after 75 yrs or so of being covered up. It’s fun for us to see the hand of the builders from 120 yrs ago as we strip away the renovations from the 20’s and forward. more later

Update July 2015: We are getting close to finishing this one. The addition is built and plastered. The interior trim is almost finished and the baths/kitchens are getting installed. The winter was tough on all of us but we have great neighbors and the summer has been as good as the winter was bad. I’ll start posting pics in the next few weeks and we will probably be ready to sell by mid September.  All three units will be roughly the same. 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and about 1300 sq ft. It will be a really nice place to live.

December 2015: All finished and sold. There are a lot of cool things we did in this house and maybe I’ll write about them sometime. But for now, we need to turn our attention to next year’s project.

We had a big, fun party to celebrate with old and new friends. Everyone is settling in.  I look forward to seeing it in the summer with all the plantings coming to life. It’s very close to my house so I pass by most days.

I want to thank Bob and Paula on the left and Nora and Dave on the right for their patience and cooperation. We owe them.

Here is where it started in November of 2014…..


And then we got building……


And here’s where we ended up…..

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