9 Joseph – Project 8

9 Joseph Street Units 1 & 2 ExteriorOur 2011-2012 project consists of 2 houses on the same property. We bought the property from one of the original long time owners. She was 91 and lived on the property when she was born. Her grandfather built the small house at the back of the property to house extended family. The family also owned the triple decker next door which explains the matching houses in the back that grandpa built.

The architecture is a combo of about three victorian periods. The rear house is the Italianate form from the first empire. The main exterior features are its flat roof, large overhang with a dentil frieze, and its simple mass. The front house has a form more typical of a Queen Ann shingle style. These were modest houses when built but the builders added some nice ornamentation that was in fashion at the time. We restored what survived and embellished a little where it would have been appropriate when built.

The main house has 2 units . Unit 1 is on the first floor and has 770 square feet. It has 4 rooms and 1 full bath. We restored all the existing woodwork and replicated the woodwork where new construction took place. The living room has a bay window that makes it nice and light, high ceilings, crown moulding and ceiling medallions. We restored original mantel and mirror top in the living room.

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